Camera Animation – Chair

This Camera animation video demonstrates the chair from different angles including; 360 rotation, zoom and pan, close up and freeform movement.

The animation is rendered using the fundamental lighting set-up; the camera was animated using the graph editor.


Informative Video Outcome – Chair

This Informative video is for a chair I modelled in the class “3D modelling” at Swinburne University of Technology.

This video demonstrates a full rotational view and close up of the wireframe, Lambert texture and UV colour maps.

3D MODELLING – CHAIR – Lighting Fundamentals

Lighting is a key component to 3D; lighting can make or break a scene and really dictates how effective the final compositions render is. Without adequate lighting the entire effect you are going for can be lost. 

In this exercise we were tasked to light our chair to acquire the most realistic outcome possible. Here is my final render, with a small screenshot of the scene in Maya showing the positions of the lights.

Using a 3 point lighting setup, I first created the ambient light, this is the world lighting; think of it as light from the sun or any other major source of light. The next light was the directional light, this is used to create the direction of the light source, where as the ambient light is very broad and diffused; the directional light is much more focused and gives the appearance of a light bulb. The final point light is used as reflective or bounce light; this lighting can be used to great effect. All surfaces have different reflective properties and refract light in different ways. The point light is placed behind the subject and in effect gives much more body and form to the final model render.



Next, we needed to unwrap the model and export a texture map so we could create the models skins.

This image is the final colour texture sheet, rendered with a simple light setup and default node materials.



So the next task in 3D modelling was to create a chair. I thought I would choose a reference that resembled something my family had around the house when I was little.

Here is the wireframe, low poly and subdivided final model.



Finally, finished… Had a couple late nights, but here it is. Didn’t finish it on launch night was too tired from work, hopefully it’s still relevant. 

So hope you’re all enjoying DS3, Praise that Sun!!!

All done with Photoshop default brushes, used the cover art for colour reference. Used Filter, Render, lens flare and lighting effects to add that extra touch to that sun. 




To keep going with all the university work, here was one of the first assignments for 3D modelling. Our task was to model an apple, simple enough. We needed to create it as low poly as possible and subdivide the surface to create a smooth delicious piece of fruit; here is the final outcome.



So I have gone and done it, I have changed the armor to the more recognizable cover art armor.

Probably looks better this way, people will recognize it as dark souls 3.

Trying to get the time to finish this is the problem going to have a late night and try to get it done before Tuesday.


Dark Souls III – Praise the Sun Sketch

With Dark Souls 3 only days away, I thought I would do some fan art for the release. Here is a quick sketch I’ve done depicting the new dark souls armor design, Gothic architecture and the famous praise the sun pose.

I’m in a little bit of a conundrum, I have gone with the armor from some of the cinematic footage and not what is displayed on the cover art. Not sure what I will do here, let me know what you think, should I continue with the northern Boba Fett style armour or change it to look more like the decaying red knight.

I think I’ll go the latter if I can’t be convinced otherwise and change it; it’s not long now to release so I need to get cracking!



Another update to Harlot of Babylon; I have finished sketching and am now happy with the compositions design, now it’s time for the fun bit; colour.

I have gone back and completely changed the idea for the dragons, and have made them much more gritty and dangerous. I really wanted to capture the look of a reptilian dragon, the design is based on the combination of a snake and monitor lizard; reminiscent of the Lagiacrus from Monster Hunter.

The background has had a complete overhaul, I have kept the main idea but have taken a little more time to create more realistic environment. I have based the geology on west America, I just love the aesthetics, the red, dry and barren landscape. Mountains carved by sand storms and ancient oceans, by powerful rivers and the scorching sun.

I have some other art I have been working on, so stay tuned for some new sketches over the weekend.